Sunday, March 26, 2017

Ask an expert

I have a school report where I need to ask an expert five questions about the topic I chose which was how malaria being spread by mosquitoes.

1. Would exterminating all of the mosquitoes carrying the malaria parasyte impact the environment whatsoever?

2. Why is it more prevalent in children?

3. Why is the issue of malaria not regarded as that large of an issue by the general populace?

4. Where is the most common place on the human body that malaria parasites infect?

5. Is malaria hereditary between mother and child?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Passion Project Research

A speech about the topic given by the man who came up with the ideas. He details the problem and solutions.

This article details a new way scientist have discovered to cease mosquitoes transferring malaria.

This article explains the process of locating where to find malaria vectors during the dry season.

This video tells of yet another way to stop the disease spreading mosquito menace.

This informative article explains the process of how malaria is carried from mosquito to person.

This article talks about a fungus that could help decrease mosquitoes with malaria from infecting people.